National Citizen Service Working with the Phoenix Shed and Threeways

National Citizen Service (NCS) worked with The Phoenix Shed and Threeways Centre between 16th and 20th July 2018.

The Phoenix shed have worked hard to make their garden at the front of The Shed, but there were many other areas, close by, that were still in need of clearing and planting up. Following a lead The Shed contacted National Citizen Service (NCS) at and arranged, together with Threeways Centre, for a group of 14 teenagers plus two supervisors to help with this great project.

In scorching hot weather between 16-20 July, the 16 volunteers, plus helpers from Threeways and The Phoenix Shed, set to, to clear the weeds and undergrowth.






The weed clearance group faced dry stony ground and found the going hot and dusty.

Whilst the shrub clearance group had some welcome shade, the ground was full of stones and roots. Pick axes, hand axes bow saws were all employed by the teenagers, once they had been trained to use these potentially dangerous tools.

However, there was time for a bit of fun at the end of a long hot day

The volunteers worked Monday and Tuesday, but went off to Todmorden on a fundraising expedition on Wednesday. Money raised was split between Overgate Hospice and plants for the project at Threeways.

By Friday morning the group had reassembled with all of the plants that they had managed to buy, with each small group choosing their own plants. Eddie Moss set about the planting scheme so that the teenagers appreciated the way that tall plants go at the back and lower growing at the front, with maybe signature tall plants as little islands.

This was a fantastic project and heartfelt thanks goes to all of the volunteers and NCS for their input.

A nice bit of rain on Friday evening after the planting really helped get the plants away to a fine start, but the chaps from The Phoenix Shed are taking no chances in this hot weather and continue to hand water the young plants.

We heartily recommend this charity ( to anyone who has a project that could benefit these hard working teenagers. What is there to lose, it’s a win – win for everyone.

As the garden progresses we’ll keep you updated on its progress.

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