Halifax Agricultural Show 2018

The Halifax Agricultural Show 2018 will take place on  Saturday 11 August at Savile Park.

The Halifax Agricultural Show is the largest show of its kind in the local region and offers something for everyone.

Full details of the show will be posted soon on the Show Guide but as usual there will be;

  • Goats, cattle, sheep, horses, poultry, rabbits and many other animals.
  • Handicrafts and produce
  • The Britalian Job – a trio of red, white and blue Mini Coopers will recreate the famous chase scene from The Italian Job
  • The Sheep Show – presented in humorous kiwi style the show introduces us to 9 different breeds of sheep, each with a story to tell and are welcomed on to the stage by their own theme tune
  • York City Pipe Band
  • Ferret racing
  • Chick Hatching with Eggucation – hatching eggs, opening minds
  • and lots more….

You do not have to be a farmer, or a grower of mammoth vegetables to enter the show.

There are classes for everyone. Go on, enter into some friendly competition and add to the fun!

You can buy tickets from local retailers, or you can pay for tickets at the gate on show day or this year you can buy them online.

For more information, visit: Halifax Agricultural Show 2018 .

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