Our Ovenden in Pictures and Words

Project_Twelve:31 recently took part in the ‘Our Ovenden Photography Project’ .

To Project_Twelve:31 these photographs  aren’t just images or your typical pieces of art. These are stories. All different and all unique. Each one creating a different interpretation and different opinion of the imagination. None of the stories  are the same. None of them tell the same tale. All of them describe our Ovenden and how the group see it. Some positive perspectives, some negative. But all our truths.

We hope you enjoy seeing them as much as Project_Twelve:31 had in making them.

Abigail – ‘The Woods’

‘I like that the trunk and the branches are dark and creating a spooky vibe, but I like how the light shines through highlighting the greenness of the leaves. I think it shows that Ovenden is a mysterious and puzzling place’



Alexandra – ‘Light and Dark’

I like that there’s a balance between beauty and gloominess shown in this photo. Ovenden is also very hidden and a place like no other. I has it’s ups and downs but through forlorn darkness, a bright sun shines though and a path to happiness is shown.



Brooke – ‘Through the Wall’

This image looks through Ovenden’s hidden scenery, highlighting that it looks ugly on the outside but once you look deeper it looks beautiful. It shows the untold story of Ovenden.


Chloe – ‘Friendship’

This photo shows the friendship of these 3 girls which were made in Ovenden. This photograph also captures all the different personalities of the girls. The photograph also captures the different lighting from the sunset at the back, making the girls blend into the picture as well as the trees.

Courtney – ‘Autumnal’

I like this photograph because the tree looks dead, it shows the seasons of the year, which can give it a depressing feeling, but you know it will change when Spring comes.



Daisy – ‘Urban Dandelion’

Daisy took this image by finding a different perspective, she used a low angle and the granite post as a backdrop. The vibrant yellow of the dandelion is in direct contrast with the urban granite post, that reminds us, no matter where we might be, on a street in a city, we can always find the smallest piece of nature peeking through.


Emma – ‘Under the Tree’

I like this photo of the sun as it’s very pretty and lovely. If I could change anything I might make it less blurry.




Poppy – ‘Beauty, the Bench and Blue Sky’

This is such a rundown part of Ovenden but captured in this photograph, it is a lovely setting.


Ruby – ‘Wildflower White’

This photo shows the nature which can grow around anything. What I like about this image is that it’s focused on the flower and everything in the background is blurred out.


Staff Photos

                               Elodie – ‘Natural’

This photo shows that there is an urban vibe within the Ovenden / Halifax landscapes. If I could change anything I would possibly add more people to illustrate the whole group. I really like the casual stances of the young people and it makes me feel very natural. I also like the lighting from the sunset and the beautiful patterns in the sky.

Jorden – ‘Friendships Made, Friendships Kept’

I think this shows that Ovenden has friendships and that there’s a lot of trust in each other. I like that it has good scenery along with two people in the image, adding to the scene, showing there is a lot going on.



Karen – ‘#herecomethegirls’

This photograph is a fantastic picture of the silhouette of #herecomethegirls, a group made up of girls aged 12-19 years old from the North Halifax area. Ovenden is a brilliant area with some fantastic young people.



Naomi – ‘ Great Heights’

I choose to take this photograph because I liked that the girls were working together, enthusiastically throwing themselves into their task and supporting each other.

3 thoughts on “Our Ovenden in Pictures and Words

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  2. The views of Ovenden, showing natural beauty and real people sharing experiences, is wonderful !
    I would like to see more of this.

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