Our Communities Award 2018: Lifetime Achievement Award – WINNER ANNOUNCED!

WINNER: Anne Gluschnko

Anne Gluschnko has been a wonderful community activist who spent over 25 years as a volunteer nursery nurse at St. Augustines family center.

During that time she organised and ran many events helping to bring the community together. One of these events which proved very popular for many years was the Christmas day dinner, in which Anne gave up her own Christmas day with her family,  and instead cooked to provide a three course meal and entertainment for people who would otherwise have been lonely over the festive period.

Following her volunteering, Anne went on to run the Good News charity shop in Hanson Lane providing very cheap clothing, cups of tea and a shoulder to cry on!

Due to demand from her customers for tea and toast Anne then worked tirelessly securing grants and funding to turn the charity shop into the Good News Café.  The café then provided a daily meeting place for many years for people who might not have gone out or spoken to anyone for days at a time.

Anne was a founder member and activist involved in forming HOPE, Hanson lane Neighbourhood association, one of whose legacies is the memorial garden in Hanson Lane, commemorating the people killed by the bomb dropped during the second world war as well as marking the death of Princess Diana.

Anne was also a founder member, alongside Wendy Kaye, of The People’s Park Festival, for which she worked tirelessly for 15 years, being the chair of the association for much of that time.

Whether she was encouraging other people to get involved, or running the tea and cake stall herself, Anne was always prepared to get stuck in and give a helping hand to people less fortunate than herself.

After the closure of the café, Anne continued her care of the elder generation of park Ward by providing weekly coffee mornings and games afternoons in Stansfield Close Community room, where she became a carer and friend for many people.

After spending the last 3 years caring for her partner with dementia, who sadly passed away in December 2017, Anne’s health took a turn for the worse after having a stroke which has badly affected her mobility. However, this has not stopped Anne caring for others, she is temporarily living at a care home but cannot resist ‘looking after’ many of the residents there!

Anne was Park and Warley communities through and through and in her time provided a lifetimes commitment to the people of the area.

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