Our Communities Award 2018: Contribution to the Older Generation – WINNER ANNOUNCED!

WINNER: Pauline Luniw

Pauline has recently launched a new Dementia Friendly Cafe (Angels Corner Cafe) which opened on15th April this year.

She has visited all the other Dementia Friendly cafes in and around and beyond Halifax to ascertain just how these are run and indeed how successful they all have become.  She has been in contact with the Alzheimer’s Society and willingly taken on board all the advice and help they readily provided.

It would be impossible to calculate the total number of days, weeks and months she has dedicated to this project with such professionalism and always willing to listen, travel wherever is required with the end goal in sight – opening a successful Dementia Friendly Cafe.

Pauline was nominated for her outstanding, selfless, thoughtful dedication to the community. She is an active member of St Columba’s Church and St Columba’s Church Community Hall where she volunteers constantly to help with everything whether that’s setting up for events, helping and interacting with the community at them.

Pauline is a remarkable, caring and thoughtful lady who has quietly, over the last couple of years, looked after her neighbour who has Dementia. She has taken the man for hospital appointments, sorted out his Optician appointments, ensured he had meals each day and generally looked after his well being.

A truly caring lady and thoroughly deserved winner!

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