Our Communities Award 2018: Community Involvement Award – WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

WINNERS: Margaret Chapman and Sisters United


Margaret Chapman is a member of St Hilda’s Church, Gibraltar Road.  She is the contact person for community liaison and works hard to build bridges between the church and  local people, arranging and publicising social activities and encouraging community participation.

In 2015 Margaret and another church member started a weekly Coffee and Chat Wednesday afternoons which have continued ever since.  They are open to all and well attended providing a useful contact time for people inquiring about church activities or the availability of the building for hire.

Margaret and her husband Brian work tirelessly for the Macmillan charity in Calderdale, organising annual coffee mornings, dealing with the collection boxes etc.

Margaret has helped us to increase understanding and respect between her community by bringing contact closer on a daily basis.

Sisters United

Sister’s united is a group that was established in January 2018 by a group of women who were experiencing the asylum system and their supporters. The group was set up with the aim of providing support and solidarity for vulnerable women, many of whom are housed in the park ward.

The group was setup with the needs of refuge, asylum seeking and migrant communities in mind, but is open to any women from all backgrounds and communities.

Sister’s United hold weekly group sessions at Queens Road Neighbourhood centre, where there are a number of wellbeing activities that women can access including yoga, awareness raising workshops around trafficking and housing issues.

This group provides a place where women and children can access support and socialise in a safe open space.

Sisters United continue to grow on a weekly basis through word of mouth and marketing with other agencies.

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