The Illingworth Messenger – June 2018

There’s lots going on in and around Illingworth and the June edition of the Illingworth Messenger contains details of events, activities, local news and much more!

The messenger is advertising ‘The Great Get Together‘ at Illingworth Moor Methodist Church on Saturday 23 June, 12:00pm-3:00pm. It will be quite a busy day with ferret racing, alpacas, stalls and much more the live performances including the Landlubbers. Also the Wedding Fayre at Mount Zion Methodist Heritage Chapel on Sunday 10 June, 11:00am-4:00pm.

With a talk by Rev. Derek Lund on Tolerance, Forgiveness and Love to rival Rev. Michael Curry, Local History, Shoppers 20 minute service, Credit Union, the Good as New Shop and much more.

As usual lots of local services are advertised and there are updates of local teams etc.

Read the latest messenger here …

If you would like something advertised in the Illingworth Messenger, items can be handed in to your church representative, dropped off at Illingworth Moor Good-As-New Shop or emailed direct to Irene Mulhall at

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