New X22 Bus Service Halifax to Keighley

South Pennine Community Transport has just launched a new direct bus service from Halifax to Keighley. Currently this X22 service only runs on Saturdays from Halifax bus station but the company is assessing demand to see if the service times could be extended. The current timetable can be downloaded here. You will notice that again this is a fast service with limited stops at Illingworth Fire Station, Causeway Foot, Denholme, Crossroads finally arriving at Keighley.

2 thoughts on “New X22 Bus Service Halifax to Keighley

  1. I agree Ken and when I mentioned this when I first met them at Halifax bus station, they said that they may reconsider but wished to avoid any thought of competition with existing bus services to Ovenden. Hopefully if the service is well supported they will listen to my/our comments.

  2. It is a great Idea and and im sure it will be a succsess but i dont under stand why the first bus stop is illingworth fire station
    What about all the people who live in ovenden you are missing out on the biggest ares whe you wiuld pick up the most passengers
    Please havd a re think

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