North Halifax Star 2018: Good Neighbour Award – WINNER ANNOUNCED!

WINNER: Mr Jack Hooson

Jack is constantly helping others in the community and during the recent bad snowfall he went out collecting food from local supermarkets for the older people within his community.

He was out rescuing stranded people & taking them home, picking up young families & taking them to school & work before going back to pick them up after their day.

Jack is such a caring individual that he once found himself disturbing a burglar at a neighbour’s property without a thought for his own safety.

He is a constant helper in the community and nothing ever appears to be too much trouble for him.

Jack is well known for rescuing people in their hour of need and there was a time when he travelled all the way to York with a set of spare car keys after the others had accidentally got locked in the vehicle.

Jack is a kind, caring person that is always putting his neighbours before himself to help with tasks which could be as simple as just changing a lightbulb or slightly more demanding such as erecting furniture or painting and repairs.

Described as a great neighbour with a big heart, Jack is our very deserving winner of the 2018 Good Neighbour Award.

One thought on “North Halifax Star 2018: Good Neighbour Award – WINNER ANNOUNCED!

  1. Jack has done so much for my grandma & late grandad from maintenance jobs in there home, shopping for them when they couldn’t get out and taking my grandad to his beloved bowling to watch when he couldn’t bowl any more or get himself there there, Jack is one in a million.

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