North Halifax Star 2018: Contribution to a Safer Cleaner Greener Environment – WINNER ANNOUNCED!

WINNER: PC Kim McCloskey

Pc Kim McCloskey was the West Yorkshire Police Ovenden Ward Officer from 2016-2018 and since taking up the position managed to help make a huge difference as well as have a positive impact in the Ovenden area .

Working with partners Pc McCloskey took on the role of co-ordinator of the Ovenden CAP (Community Alchol Partnership ) and worked alongside partners to make a difference to the Ovenden community arranging Neighbourhood walkabouts and small scale events like charity Football matches encouraging young people to be involved in partnership working and raising awareness around challenge 25 and underage drinking.

Pc Kim McCloskey was also involved in diversary activities for young people through the BUMPY project giving young people an insight into the safety of off road bikes and besides attending and supporting partners in other community initiatives Pc McCloskey has gone above and beyond on many occasions and her work to support Project _Twelve:31 has been second to none.

As a Police Officer Pc Kim McCloskey always makes time to talk to local people and is always willing to help or get involved in making Ovenden a better place to live either through attending sessions at local schools or supporting Neighbourhood Watch or just being a friendly face to talk to.

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