Community Warden at St. Michael’s and All Angels School

CMBC Community Warden, Lee Ackroyd and Heather Stout from the Ovenden Initiative, visited St. Michael and All Angels school to give a talk on the work that Community Wardens do on a daily basis.

Lee gave details of what being the eyes and ears of the community involves, including some of the issues he faces such as having to report areas on dog fouling, littering, fly tipping as well as other problems such as uneven paths, fire hazards and anti-social behaviour. He also helps out with crowd control and safety at big events such as the Tour de Yorkshire.

As well as all the above, he told the Junior Wardens how he often helps Ward Link Workers with tasks such as door to door walkabouts to ask residents what they think of the area they live in, giving the community a chance to raise any concerns.
Lee also explained how he has the right to hand out fines for littering and dog fouling should such a situation arise.

The junior Wardens took a keen interest in the session and asked some great questions throughout; particularly upon learning that Lee also gets to work with the police and other service providers whenever they may need help.


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