Sing and Sign Classes Running in Halifax Again – The Original British Baby Signing Programme!

The new term of learning baby signing the fun way in the Sing and Sign classes have started again at Heath United Reform Church in Halifax.

What is baby signing?

Babies use all kinds of signs and gestures as a natural part of learning to talk. Encouraging your baby with extra signs like milk, more, change nappy or tired will help your baby communicate.

Baby signing with Sing and Sign is easy because it is fun to learn! Your baby will recognise important words sooner and can use the signs to “talk” to you before speech. Check out our Sing and Sign in Action page to see some of the amazing results.

Developed with the help of Speech and Language professionals and recommended by experts, Sing and Sign is Britain’s longest running and best loved baby signing programme.

Sing and Sign offers a variety of ways to learn :

  • In a class: Attending a weekly Sing and Sign group with other parents and babies
  • Sing and Sign Online Membership: A comprehensive resource to learn Sing and Sign at home, dictionary, print outs, music videos and interactive games
  • Home materials: Sing and Sign books, toys, CDs and DVDs which babies love!

For more information contact Gemma on or visit the Facebook page.

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