Create a Life You Love! Enhance Your Life with this 5 Week Course

Starting on Thursday 22 March, 12:30pm at Holy Nativity Church, Mixenden, Sure Start Children’s Centres are hosting a course – ‘Create a Life You Love!’

This FREE 5 week course helps improve self-awareness to improve relationships and wellbeing. Enhancing a positive mind set, with a focus on goals and positive attributes. It encourages development of the ability to be aware of emotional reactions and behaviour and focus on strengths and the importance of emotional wellbeing and balancing needs, experiences, and aspirations.

Book a place by clicking here.

We asked parents who attended the last course at Elland Children’s Centre last term what they felt was good about the course, this is what they thought:-

* Everything! Particularly assertiveness, personal power, self-awareness and personality.

* Affirmation and personal power.

* It was thought provoking, made you try to understand yourself and how to improve your mind-set

* Wheel of life, learning about myself and how to build my confidence.

When asked what they felt wasn’t so useful about the course this is what they said:-

* Nothing! I wish it was longer and more hours.

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