New Contact Details for Scope Starting Line

Scope Starting Line Calderdale has moved to new offices and also has a new phone number – details as below:

Scope Starting Line Calderdale
Unit 10D
Calderdale Business Park
Club Lane

Telephone Number – 07530 345800

Starting Line is an employment service which supports disabled people of working age living in Calderdale to find, apply for and keep a job.

This service is tailored to the individual and each customer is supported by a specialist Employment Advisor to prepare them for work, training or for a statutory work programme plus further understand their career goals and how to achieve them.

The service aims to

  • grow confidence, assertiveness and independence
  • develop important employability skills
  • support in making life-changing career decisions
  • find paid employment

What it offers

  • bespoke employment workshops
  • valuable work experience
  • interview preparation skills
  • employment opportunities
  • on-going support to both customer and employer

To register for Starting Line please complete the online application form or if you require further information, call 07530 345800 or email

Referrals can also be made directly from an organisation with prior consent from the customer.

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