Ward Forum Grants – Still Time to Apply!

There is still time to apply for the latest round of Ward Forum Grants!

If you have a new or existing project that is ongoing and require additional funds; be sure to get your application to us with grants of up to £500 available to community groups and projects in the following wards of North Halifax:

  • Northowram & Shelf
  • Park & Warley
  • Illingworth & Mixenden
  • Ovenden

Email Tony King at Tony.King@calderdale.gov.uk or call 0300 555 0266 if you require any help.

3 thoughts on “Ward Forum Grants – Still Time to Apply!

  1. How long will it be before I have a response from you? I need to report back to the Committee of NORTHOWRAM METHODIST CHURCH PRE SCHOOL. Please help us maintain a high quality of assistance for the children in our area.

  2. I await your reply with hope that you can help our Pre School continue in the good work we are aiming to do.

  3. I am wanting to apply for a grant for NORTHOWRAM METHODIST CHURCH PRE SCHOOL and wish to know what the procedures are. We are struggling to pay the rent and desperately need help. Please could you let me know how I can begin the process. I am a Church Volunteer in NORTHOWRAM METHODIST PRE SCHOOL. I thank you in advance.

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