Community-led Social Housing Development at Threeways Centre

Exciting plans to deliver new housing in the north Halifax area have been revealed by the Threeways Centre.

The next Community Led Steering Group meeting will be Monday 26 February, 6pm at Trios Neighbourhood Cafe in the Threeways Centre. These Community Led Steering group meetings are to be held for all residents, friends and tenants where your ideas, comments and feedback will be welcomed. Proposals for this new development will be discussed with the aim of producing a community led plan encompassing your ideas.

Threeways Centre is a community hub based in Ovenden, North Halifax, at the former Ridings School. The running of the building was handed over to local people in 2012 as part of an asset transfer deal with Calderdale Council. Since then, the centre has flourished and is making a big difference to the local community.

Over the past five years, a relatively small group of people working at the Centre have worked extremely hard alongside the local community, to deliver a full range of community projects, services and activities. The Centre has newly refurbished sports facilities, impressive business and conferencing facilities and office space – with Calderdale Council being one of the main tenants. The Centre also runs a successful volunteering programme for people in the area and beyond who are out of work, and a large area of the site has recently been refurbished (aided mainly by community volunteers) to include the creation of a brand-new community café and restaurant.

These successes have demonstrated what a difference the centre can make to the community – but work hasn’t finished yet. A community-led social housing development project is planned, which will:

● Develop part of the site to accommodate between 60-80 affordable one and two bedroom homes, primarily aimed at young families

● Build a supported housing residence for young adults and/or those with additional needs

● Construct a small apartment block

● Include new outdoor sports facilities to complement the newly refurbished sports centre

A commitment to community-led working is at the heart of these plans. As such, a local steering group has been set up to guide the appointed team of consultants, and to ensure that:

● The maximum number of local employment and training opportunities are built into every stage of planning and development. As with the recent refurbishment works on site, we want members of our own community to benefit from any jobs, work placements, and gain work experience available as part of this project

● The use of all renewable energy sources is maximised, and that these cost-saving benefits are passed on to those residents on site and to local people. We are committed to a long-term, sustainable energy-efficient strategy as part of the planned works going forward

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