Ducklings Swimming Lessons at Sowerby Bridge Pool

Ducklings are the Swimming Lessons for 3+ year olds and classes start on 8 January at Sowerby Bridge Pool and run by Sports Calderdale.

  • Monday 4pm
  • Thursday 3:30pm
  • Friday 4pm
  • Saturday 11:30am and 1pm.

The lessons start with Ducklings for children aged 3 up to 5 who are accompanied in the water with a responsible adult. Your little superstar will be guided by a fully qualified swimming teacher and learn the basic skills of swimming through a range of games to help build water confidence.

From Ducklings to going it alone!! Your child will then move to mainstream lessons (age 5+). These lessons take place with other children of the same ability in the water on their own. Calderdale uses the Amateur Swimming Association’s National Teaching Plan alongside their own awards where the emphasis is on learning through fun and games.

If your child hasn’t attended Ducklings but can swim without armbands please contact the pool of your choice. We can then assess your child in the water to make sure they join the appropriate class/level for their ability.

Learning to swim is a lifelong skill which no child should be without and can also lead onto other aquatic activities such as diving, synchronised swimming or water polo.

For more information email

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