Calderdale Winter 2017 Service and Gritting

snowGuess what’s been a hot topic at the north and east ward forum meetings this month?

The Council has reviewed its winter policy to comply with the new code of practice ‘Well-Managed Highway Infrastructure’. This aims to provide a safe, well managed and resilient highway network for all who use it. The winter policy gives priority to high use roads and roads that access community facilities, such as hospitals, schools and shopping centres.

The winter service sees a move from specific guidelines to a risk-based approach. Appropriate risks are determined from a wide range of evidence. The priority for road gritting is based on route hierarchy and level of use. Main roads will be gritted before other routes. Previously, the Council’s gritting programme was based on custom and practice with no clear rules for the selection of routes.

Calderdale Council cannot grit all of Calderdale’s road network because of the time and cost involved. Currently over 600km of roads in Calderdale are gritted. Other routes will be added after extra gritters have been brought in and when issues with access to certain roads have been resolved.

The Council’s assessments included checking which routes can be reached by gritters – particularly as access to some roads is narrowed by parked cars – and that a safe turning circle is available to accommodate the larger vehicles.

Although some roads are too narrow for gritters to access, alternative arrangements are being investigated, which may include the use of the Council’s Safer, Cleaner, Greener service fleet.

To know how decisions about where and when to grit are made, view the Gritting Infographic.

In severe weather, snow clearing work is done with the following priority:

  1. A roads;
  2. B roads;
  3. remainder of the priority network.

Clearing and removing snow from roads depends upon the amount of snow and the conditions at any particular time.

Over 600 salt bins have also been checked and replaced where necessary across Calderdale so that residents can help keep neighbourhood streets and paths clear of ice and snow. The Council is installing an additional 200 salt bins around the Borough before Christmas. Routes served by grit bins will also receive visits from grit vehicles wherever possible when weather conditions are particularly severe and persistent. You can report bins that need to be re-filled to the contact centre

Feedback will be included in the review process during Summer 2018.

Please drive with care, to the road conditions and exercise caution during wintery weather.

For more on how you can prepare for wintery conditions, please read: PDFBe prepared: stay winter wise [PDF 12787KB] .

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