Dads and kids attend free cooking session at Halifax RUFC

Local dads and their children attended a dad and kids cooking session on Tuesday 21 November at the Ovenden Park Clubhouse, home of Halifax RUFC as part of the ongoing NHP Energy Levels Project.

The youngsters got settled in by completing word searches and colouring pictures of various fruits and vegetables before the session, ran by Jill Webb and Liz Broadley began.

The first task involved the children holding cutouts from cereal boxes before having to place themselves in order of least to most sugar content in each cereal. Some of the youngsters were quite surprised to find out a cereal bar containing mostly muesli was one the 2nd least healthiest.

Onto the cooking, and this is where the dads got involved. Split into 3 teams to cook courses consisting of Chicken Tikka Pittas, Frying Pan Pizza and a tasty trifle for desert each team were given a recipe which they then prepared and cooked under the guidance of Jill. The children in each team also prepared fun side salads to complement the meal.

Once the three courses had been cooked, everybody including Jill and Liz sat around a table to enjoy the tasty food that had been made sharing laughs and small stories around the table in an event enjoyed by all who attended.

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