Ovenden Way Hotel (Freehouse) to be Demolished

Since the fire that gutted the Ovenden Way Hotel in July 2013, the building has remained in an untidy and potentially dangerous state.

Calderdale Council has issued what is known as a Section 215 notice in order that the building can be demolished, the area cleared of demolition materials and other rubbish and the area is to be made tidy.

This will take effect on 18 December 2017 subject to any appeal being lodged before then.

Technically speaking, Section 215 (s215) of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 (the Act) provides a local planning authority (LPA) with the power, in certain circumstances, to take steps requiring land to be cleaned up when its condition adversely affects the amenity of the area. If it appears that the amenity of part of their area is being adversely affected by the condition of neighbouring land and buildings, they may serve a notice on the owner requiring that the situation be remedied. These notices set out the steps that need to be taken, and the time within which they must be carried out. The use of s215 by LPAs is discretionary and it is therefore up to the LPA to decide whether a notice under these provisions would be appropriate in a particular case, taking into account all the local circumstances. LPAs will need to consider, for example, the condition of the site, the impact on the surrounding area and the scope of their powers.

3 thoughts on “Ovenden Way Hotel (Freehouse) to be Demolished

  1. Can anyone let me know if the hotel has now been demolished, or was there any appeal lodged?

  2. Something needed to be done. Now the Council needs to turn its attention to :
    The site of the former Talbot Inn near St. Mary’s Church, Illingworth, and the disgraceful state of the former Clarence Smith’s Carpets at Northgate. That was Colonel Ackroyd’s town house and still has the ballroom inside.

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