Halifax Great War Heritage Society – Memorabilia Day

Your ancestors participated in our Nation’s endeavours during the years 1914 to 1918. Would you like to find out about their exploits?

On Saturday 11 November 10:15 – 3pm at Bankfield Museum there will be a free event to look at any memorabilia you may have from the First World War.

Do you have any:

  • photographs
  • diaries
  • postcards
  • trench art
  • uniform items
  • medals
  • souvenirs
  • other artefacts relating to their military or civilian service?

Enthusiasts from Halifax Great War Heritage Society will be pleased to explain all about the items and record them as part of the heritage of Calderdale’s War Effort.

For more information, see: Halifax Great Heritage Society .

It can be difficult now to imagine just how absolute and desperate the war effort became for every local community in the British Isles during the traumatic years of 1914-18. The British collective memory of the Twenty First Century looks back on the Great War and sees nothing but an absurd act of futile self destruction, but if you turn the pages of the local newspapers of the time you will witness a totally different world. Here you will find an amazing display of communal solidarity buoyed up by an unshakeable belief in the justice of their cause and a resolute determination to see the war through to nothing but complete victory.

The Halifax Great Heritage Society will take you round this largely forgotten and frequently misunderstood period of Britain’s History and view it through the eyes of the local communities of the old Parish of Halifax.

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