Survey on Third Sector in Calderdale

Community Foundation for Calderdale (CFFC) and Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council (CMBC) are working together in a really important piece of work but need your help.  They are researching the state of the third and community sector in Calderdale – it would be a great help if you would complete an online survey to give your views and ideas.

It is in all of our interests to complete this survey as the results will help to

  • Bring more funding into Calderdale
  • Provide better and more tailored support to groups and organisations in the sector
  • Fill in gaps in current funding
  • Help towards solving the funding crisis
  • Improve communications and networking in the sector and between the sector and the public and private sectors in Calderdale

If you would like to see more funding, improved support and better communications then click below to complete the survey

As an added bonus, every group or organisation that completes the survey will be entered into a £500 prize draw.  If you win that is £500 to spend on anything you like for your local group, society, community sports team, social enterprise, or organisation.  This should be a big help to a local organisation; for example it could buy:

  • 56 leather training balls and a full kit for a junior sports team
  • 313 litres of poster paint and 1004 children’s paint brushes for a play group
  • 1737 plastic building bricks or 143 pocket kites for a parent and toddler group
  • 540 pork chops or 529 kilos of potatoes for a luncheon club, community café or homeless shelter
  • 2646 miles of fuel for a group’s mini bus.

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