A New Era for Disabled Adults in Calderdale- Shaping the Future

The Disability Partnership Calderdale  is a member led group of physically and/ or sensory impaired people in Calderdale. They received the Duke of York Community Initiative Award from Prince Andrew in 2014. ( photo shows Chair Marion Spruce receiving the award from Prince Andrew ) when the following was said of them at the time,

“….. An enthusiastic, experienced organisation, extremely professional in the way it conducts its business, Calderdale would be a poorer place, particularly for disabled people, if this partnership did not exist “.  Following the appointment of some new trustees, the group is undergoing a resurgence of activity in delivering its aims to improve the quality of life of disabled people in Calderdale. It wants more disabled people in Calderdale to join the group and become involved in developing future work.

Malcolm Kielty MBE, DPC Secretary, says…. “it is all about disabled people having a voice, being listened to and respected and able to make a difference. By bringing disabled people together with service providers and commissioners, mainly in local authority, health and transport sectors, we can have a big impact on decision makers and are able to influence the way services are delivered. By removing barriers to access that prevent disabled people participating fully in society we see a better future for disabled people in Calderdale. We want to hear new ideas on how to ‘Shape the Future’ of the DPC and what it will look like over the coming years, and how best to work for its members.”

”To do this we are inviting people eighteen and over with physical and/or sensory impairments, to this special event funded by the Duke of York Community Initiative at the Kings Centre, Park Road, Halifax from 5pm till 7.45pm on Tuesday  31 October 2017.  There will be light refreshments available from 5pm. Attendees who need taxi support can claim their expenses on arrival. The Kings Centre is fully accessible with, sign language interpreters and speech to text projected on large screens to assist people with hearing impairments. This special event will be facilitated by North Bank Forum sector support Calderdale.

For further details visit  www.disabilitypartnershipcalderdale.org    phone or text to 07716 122897

or email malcolm.kielty@outlook.com

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