Young people in Mixenden set up Youth Scrutiny Panel

Young people from The Mixenden Activity Centre have set up a Youth Scrutiny Panel to try and understand some of the issues young people face in these present times.

Heather Stout, from the Mixenden Initiative, was approached by PC Jonny Ramsden from the Youth Offending Team and asked if she knew of any young people who would be willing to sit on such a group.

After discussions with Marcus Irving from the centre, it was agreed to invite a group of young people, who are already acting as peer mentors, to sit on the panel.

In total 14 young people, aged from 13 to 17, agreed to the task in hand.

To date, the group have completed the following sessions:

  • In March and April they met with PC Jonny Ramsden from the Youth Offending Team, who wanted to gain their insight as to whether stop and searches on young people are justifiable or not.
  • In May the group were given a tour of Halifax Police Station.
  • In June they attended a British Values session organised by Adnan Ahmed, CMBC’s Prevent Community Engagement Officer, who held a Q & A session
  • Their latest session was around British Values and Online Safety when another Q & A session was held at Mixenden Library

The group want to act as influences and peers for other young people, to try and help them understand and deal with some of the challenges that young people today face in their day to day lives.

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