Camp Craft as one of the FREE activities at Mixenden Activity Centre

Tom Jennings, Specialist Tutor, at Mixenden Activity Centre, decided to do Camp Craft as part of this week’s free activities at the centre.

Camp Craft involves making things from other things that you may find lying around or no longer have use for.

He started by making a controlled camp fire in the drum of an old  washing machine. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, he then proceeded to make skewers from twigs and branches, and then he made bread with some flour and water he just happened to have lying around!

He made the flour and water into dough which he wrapped around the branches that were then baked across the fire before being dipped into some chocolate spread he also happened to have lying around. Tom is very good at foraging… especially when chocolate spread is involved!

The centre provides FREE activities for local children during the school holidays on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Other activities include, rock climbing, archery, mountain biking and water sports.

If you would like further details of these free activity days, please contact Heather Stout at The Mixenden Initiative on 01422 255402 – booking is essential as places are limited.

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