Lots of Different Things Happening at The Phoenix Shed

The guys at the Phoenix Shed have been really busy.  Several of them, but mostly Geoff and Robb have been working on the garden that fronts The Shed and it’s looking lovely now that the flowers are all out.

The walking stick group that runs on a Wednesday morning are also getting to grips with some more complicated work and here we can see Alan working on an eagle’s head for the top of his next walking stick.

Chris has recently handed over the remaining bird and bat boxes to The friends of Littlemoor Park, Queensbury and they are really pleased with the well made nest boxes.


Geoff has just refurbished a small hanging bird table, so it will give many more years of service for the birds.


Chris has now put the finishing touches to a lovely oak cross that is to be shipped to America.  The cross has been made from reclaimed oak.  The engraving was done at The Shed on Nick’s computer controlled router.

Rob Eddie and Richard have also been busy making planters for several customers

When you need a planter to be left at the front porch of your home, these two beauties fit the bill very well.  When completed, leaving two of them at the entrance will add a touch of class to the entrance to your home. Plants can be interchanged as the seasons dictate.

Treat yourself to a Hand Made Planter – various sizes available.





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