Calderdale Heritage Walks: Mill, Maypole and McCrea

Sunday 6 August 2017 – 14:15 to 17:00. £3 for all ages. Meet Iain Cameron by the village Maypole in Warley.

For further information email For information about other heritage walks  visit: Calderdale Heritage Walks Current Season

 MaypoleInnWarleyTown(MarkAnderson)Jun2005.jpgWarley  was listed in the Domesday book  as Werlafeslei.

Warley township, one of 23 townships in the ancient parish of Halifax, was also one of the biggest, stretching as far as Luddenden and what was to become Sowerby Bridge. The township consisted of many tiny settlements essentially based on the local farmsteads, places such as Lane End, Warley Edge, Winterburn Hill, Cliff Hill and Warley itself.

Warley remained a small settlement until the beginning of the 18th century. Then the consolidation of the Cliff Hill estate into a major land holding, coupled with the establishment of the Congregational chapel, formed the core, around which the present village grew. In 1977 the chapel was closed and converted into housing now called Chantry House.

In front of the chapel, cottages were built for agricultural workers as well as larger houses for local businessmen who preferred to live in the country away from the smog of Halifax.


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