Our Communities Award 2017: Good Neighbour – WINNER ANNOUNCED!

16806711_104132053448282_2339908137433238512_nWINNER: Arthur Davies

Mr Arthur Davies has received the “Good Neighbour” award because of all the help and support he gives to the residents of Asquith Court on Pellon Lane.  He not only carries people’s shopping to their flat but also putting it away for them. He is always ready to give tenants a lift in his car if they need to get to a day care centre or medical appointment. Always ready to bring people in wheel chairs down to the lounge to bingo, coffee mornings and other events.

If this wasn’t enough, he and his wife Pat organise day trips and they organise putting up the Christmas decorations and helping with the Christmas dinner. With his great sense of humour and caring nature he puts people at ease and when there are new tenants he greets them and shows them the facilities such as the laundry room and bin area.

As if that wasn’t already enough he organises bingo, coffee mornings and other events for residents and ensures everyone is informed and that those with disabilities can attend. Arthur and his wife organise day trips for residents and also an annual Christmas dinner which is very well attended.

Arthur is a very warm hearted, caring and friendly person who has a great sense of humour who has made living in Asquith Court much more enjoyable for all the tenants. He is indeed a worthy recipient of the Good Neighbour Award.


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