Avoiding the Latest Scams – SAFER Newsletter

The SAFER project is an award winning Big Lottery Funded community protection and empowerment programme, supporting older adults (55+) in West Yorkshire.
The project aims to provide residents with the knowledge, skills and confidence to protect themselves against Doorstep Crime and Scams, helping them to feel safer in their own homes.
The project also offers free, confidential 1 to 1 financial advice, helping residents to manage & clear debts and provide assistance to help claim benefits.

Their latest newsletter can be downloaded here and further information can be found by emailing safer@wyjs.org.uk or call them on 0113 393 9809 or visit them on www.facebook.com/SAFERproject.

Fraudsters can be convincing and claim to be your bank. They may say there has been some fraudulent transactions on your account, or even request you transfer monies for safety.

Remember your bank will NEVER:

* Ask for your PIN or online passwords,
* Send someone to your home to collect your debit card and PIN, cash or anything else relating to your bank account,
* Ask you transfer funds to an account which has been set up in your name,
* Ask you to email or text personal information,
* Send you an email with a link to a website that asks you to input your personal information.

If in doubt check it out – ring your bank on the number from your bank statement or on the back of your card not a number that the scammer may have given you. Don’t ring back straight away as the fraudster may have kept the line open – better still call from a different phone.

The Age UK website has a very useful page dedicated to the subject. It’s well worth visiting from time to time for the latest info: http://www.ageuk.org.uk/money…/consumer-advice/scams-advice/

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