Beechwood Big Picnic a Big North Halifax Blast!

FB_IMG_1499033988402Now, I don’t know about you but we at North Halifax Partnership and the Friends of Beechwood Park certainly had our eye on the weather at the end of June. Just when we thought things couldn’t get much wetter… it carried on raining.

And then on 1st July at 12 noon someone turned the sun on and it lasted us all day!

Our first ever Beechwood Big Picnic was a proper community event that wouldn’t have been the same without Project_Twelve:31, Moorside Community Primary School, Beechwood Road Local History Group, West Yorkshire Police, OSCA Foundation, Halifax Boxing, Crossley Juniors, Mixenden Activity Centre, Dads R Us, CI adventures, West Yorkshire Fire Service, Bradshaw Scouts, TAP Promotions, St George’s Community Trust, Phoenix Shed, HomeStart, Calderdale Countryside Service, Threeways Centre, CREW, Mothershare, Pennine Magpies, Skillshop, Mixenden Parents Resource Centre, Joe Whitworth and the residents of North Halifax!

Thanks also to our staff in Sure Start Children’s Centres, Ovenden & Mixenden Initiative, and Staying Well for all your hard work in the weeks and months leading up to and on the day.

Sun or rain, such effort and hard work from a fab team and fab volunteers – you made the day!!

Extra special thanks go to Trinity Academy, St George’s Scouts, Calderdale Council and the Beechwood Bowlers for parking, extra tents, brute strength and cups of tea!

We’ll be meeting up again in August to reflect and evaluate, and to decide whether to aim for a 2nd Beechwood Picnic next year! Let us know what you think – anything that you particularly enjoyed, or what you think could have made the day even better!

Click below to see the full album of photos of a really great day!

2 thoughts on “Beechwood Big Picnic a Big North Halifax Blast!

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  2. Brilliant event should be repeated, the park lends itself to so much more.
    Warren CREW walk leader

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