Mixenden Activity Centre – Way of the Roses Road Trip

Starting on 27 May the Mixenden Activity Centre Peer mentors completed a 170 mile cycle trip from Morecombe to Bridlington going from Lancashire to Yorkshire – the Way of the Roses rather than the wars of the roses.

The group have learnt so much over the past few weeks and throughout this journey… The group raised around £1000 towards there summer expedition to the Czech Republic and have already completed national accreditations in First aid and are working on young navigators award, food hygiene and health and safety awards… as well as being involved in stop and search scrutiny panel and working on the community cohesion and the prevent agenda in the local area. Each individual has developed themselves personally in different ways from believing in themselves and their ability, patience and tolerance of each other, team work and supporting each other in difficult times as well as achieving something that will live with them forever….

Here is the story of their road trip as told by themselves!

Day 1 Morecombe ⇒ Settle 36 miles

5.30am we all met at MAC to begin our journey to Morecombe to start the way of the roses……. We arrived; got set up and set off on the 170 miles to Bridlington….. via settle, Pateley bridge and Stamford Bridge.

The start was nice and flat heading out on cycle paths towards Lancaster. After heading under the M6 motorway the group started to feel the hills of the Yorkshire Dales… just before we arrived in Clapham we heard the Thunder in the distance and the skies start to darken…. As we headed towards Austwick the heavens opened… torrential rain and hail stones….  We got battered for about 5 mins before meeting the van and hiding for cover…. The group sat for about 20 mins while the downpour continued with only about 5 miles of the day remaining… Once the weather had slowed we headed out only to be caught again by the torrential rain Helwith bridge… this time to roads turned to rivers but the group were in high spirits as the end of the day was in sight…..

Day 2 Settle to Pateley Bridge

Up and out before 8am the first part of the day was a very steep climb out of settle over towards Malham.. but on eventually reaching the summit was a big decent down to Airton…. After that the ride was undulating up and down through the Dales… We caught up with the van several times before the steep descent into Pateley Bridge cycling about 32 miles. We stayed at the North Yorkshire outdoor education centre…. In the evening the weather was great and we ate sweet and sour Chicken and noodles as well as serviced the bikes and had a shower before an early night J .

Day 3 Pateley Bridge – Stamford Bridge 63 miles

We awoke to a wet start on the longest day ride….. With the first part climbing out of Pateley bridge up to Brimham Rocks… We had started to get a routine together by now with the slower ones leading the ‘train’ of cyclists through green lanes and quite roads with the older ones taking the lead in more busier sections through small town and through York itself….. The day riding took about 6 ½ hours of riding with a few detours and navigation issues that we came across…. We arrived in Stamford bridge … tired but happy….

Day 4 Stamford Bridge – Bridlington 52 miles

Last day and all in high spirits with over 50 miles to go through a scenic north Yorkshire.  The group were working well, a few tired bodies and saddle sore was starting to creep into some… A lovely day with a warm sea breeze all the way into Bridlington….

The end of the journey but the start of the adventure

Also thanks to the volunteers… as this event would never have been so successful without them….. The group really appreciate there help and support with cooking, putting up and taking down wet tents and giving little to no sympathy when times get hard.

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