Save Water & Save Money

Save Water & Save Money

Many people now are on water meters so saving water can save you money. If you’re not on a water meter, Yorkshire Water have a guide at ‘More About Water Meters   to find out if  a water meter is right for you. Sometimes if for example you live alone you may find it is better to pay only for the water you use.

The guide below has been reproduced from the Yorkshire Water website.


Saving Water In the Kitchen
From making dinner to washing up afterwards, we constantly use water in our kitchens. Follow these simple tips to cut down on the amount you use.

Use a washing up bowl it could save save £30 a year. Based on filling four 8 litre washing up bowls instead of running the tap at 6 l/min for 10 minutes.

Putting a full load in the washing machine can save you upto £15 a year. Based on using one washing cycle less per week and always washing a full load.

Only boiling the amount of water you need could save £7 a year.

Buying a water efficient washing machine could save upto 8 litres of water per kg. Less efficient washing machines use upto 14l/kg whereas the most efficient ones use just 6l/kg .

Helping you save water and energy.

Water Saving In the Bathroom

Baths, showers, sinks and toilets….we use a lot of water in our bathrooms! These simple steps will help you use your bathroom water more efficiently.

Fitting a Flushsaver in your toilet could save 1.2 litres with every flush.

Fixing that dripping tap could save £18 a year. A dripping tap wastes around 5,500 litres of water a year.

Spending 1 minute less in the shower could save £100 a year. Based on a family of four using a power shower daily with a flow rate of 16 l/min.

Using a water efficient showerhead could save £160 a year. Based on replacing a 13 l/min showerhead with a 7.7 l/min and taking 5 or 6 showers a week.

Fitting a dual flush toilet mechanism could save £150 a year. Based on replacing the mechanism on an old toilet, saving 50,000 litres of water a year for a family of four.

Water Saving In the Garden
Whether you’re a keen gardener or simply looking to help the environment, we’ve put together these handy tips to help you use less water in your garden and outdoor areas.

Installing a water butt could save 2,400 litres a year. Emptying a standard 200 litre rain butt once a month.

Using a watering can instead of a hose could save £15 a year.

Using a trigger nozzle on your garden hose could save 225 litres a week.

Cleaning your drive with a broom instead of a hose could save 18 litres per minute.

Add a layer of leaves bark or compost to your flowers beds, retains moisture and reduces the need for watering.

Order a water butt

Our Water Saving Pack

We’re offering every Yorkshire Water customer the chance to cut their utility bills. Our handy free water saving kit can help you save water, energy and money!

Why not order your free pack by going to to make small changes that could make a difference to your annual water bills and benefit your local environment too?

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