Healthy Minds Forum – next meeting 21 June

Healthy Minds Forum

What’s the future for the Forum?

The Forum began in January 2013, as a new incarnation of the MPower service user group that had previously run for several years. Since then, the Forum has been integral in influencing the development of Healthy Minds Calderdale’s service provision as well as taking on national mental health concerns at a local level.

The Forum has tackled issues such as;
• Restraint policy and procedures in mental health
• Cutbacks in Art and Psychotherapy provision
• Development of a local crisis care SafeSpace

The Forum has put on two well attended annual events focusing on important relevant themes;
• Parenting and mental health
• Mental health and Employment

In order to carry on the work that the Forum do, we would like wider representation and a range of views and experiences. We would like your help to be able to do this. If you are a mental health service user or have lived experience. Or if you have a specific interest due to yours or someone else’s experiences, please come and join us on:
Wednesday 21 June 12noon until 4pm at VAC.
Lunch will be provided. Booking is essential. For more information, and to book your place, please ring, text or email Michelle:
01422 345154  or 07496 492399

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