Taekwondo Grading Success

25 members of Threeways based North Halifax Taekwondo were celebrating after passing there most recent successful assessments and advancements in grade.  The assessments were conducted at the clubs training halls at Threeways Sports Centre, Nursery Lane, Halifax by the undefeated 6 times world Champion and one of the founding members of the Great Britain Taekwondo Federation (G.B.T.F.), Mr Roger Lawrence.

Amongst the successful students were Adam Hoyle-Capper, Nicola Blay and her son, Isaac, Natasha Rhodes, Cole Thompson and Ellie Shearn who all passed their Black Stripe belts.  Instructor Neil Capper said “This is a great result for these 6 students.  After many years of training these 6 are now only one step away from achieving their Black Belts.  The next step for them is to impress three senior members from the G.B.T.F.  If they are successful, these individuals could go on to be instructors with their own clubs and students.  They will also be eligible to apply to be officials at any future competitions.

Also amongst the students who passed were Jameson Oddy, Julia and Weronika Lawniczak, Kacey Redpath, Philip Guminski and Wictoria Aszyk who all passed there very first assessment.  Neil commented “These individuals have just begun their journey in Taekwondo and have a very promising future ahead in this Martial Art.  Already they are showing a high level of skill and there is no reason why, in the not too distant future, these individuals will not be competing in Regional and National competitions and winning medals at these events.

North Halifax Taekwondo trains Monday Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.  If you would like more information on the club, you can contact Neil on 07530 874386 or call in to any training session.

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