North Halifax Star 2017: Contribution to Work and Training – WINNER ANNOUNCED!

WINNER: The Addy, Mixenden

The Mixenden Addy offers a place to gain skills with Network building, meeting new people and playing an active role within the community.

It’s a place where people can go whether they want to build their self-esteem, need help with job applications, creating CV’s, employment search and other related employment skills to individuals who require various levels of support

The Addy in Mixenden provides a Café, Preparation For Employment Program, Day Services, Gardening, Ironing Service, Kids Clubs, DJ sessions…. there is something for everyone.

Sitting right in the heart of Mixenden, the Addy has provided the area with employment and training opportunities since the day it opened its doors and the individuals who work there are provided with a high standard of training and are continually reviewing new ways of working.

The Addy is run by support workers and people with disabilities which really helps to break down social barriers within Mixenden.

The Addy has built up strong links with other services in Mixenden such as the church, Parents Resource Centre and the schools.

For information on more of the services visit

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