North Halifax Star 2017: Contribution to a Safer Cleaner Greener Environment – WINNER ANNOUNCED!

Winner: Friends of Beechwood Park

The friends of Beechwood Park are a relatively new group who have been in existence for over 12 months.

The groups’ aims and objectives are to work with the council and other local organisations in helping to maintain a safe and clean park for the enjoyment of the community.

Friends of Beechwood Park is made up of 25 local residents who have now become a constituted organisation with a management committee, they meet regularly in St Andrews Church along with other partners including the Ovenden Mixenden Initiative, West Yorkshire Police, the Calderdale councils Safer Cleaner Greener team and local elected members.

The group has taken part in 2 community clean ups in the park and members often go out and pick up litter up in their own time. They are involved in the forthcoming Beechwood Park community event where they will be having a stall to promote themselves and the work that they do.

Members of the group regularly walk the park at all times of the day and report to the appropriate services; any anti-social behaviour, damage, irresponsible dog owners or other possible dangers to the community.

Through the great work of the groups treasurer Mrs Joan Tillotson the Friends of Beechwood Park group has also secured a £2000 grant from the Tesco carrier bag fund and a £500 grant from the Illingworth & Mixenden Ward Forum grant scheme.

The group are now going to work with the councils SCG team in order to produce an action plan for the park where the £2,500 can be used to make improvements to Beechwood Park.

This group has had a very positive effect in helping to keep Beechwood Park a safer cleaner and greener area for people to enjoy.

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