The Phoenix Shed completes the Vaughn Hirst Memorial Bench

Following the tragic death of Vaughn Hirst, The Phoenix Shed were asked if it would be possible to construct a memorial bench that could be sited locally for all of Vaughn’s friends to use and remember him by.  The chaps at The Shed rose to the challenge and set to work restoring an old Ridings School gym changing room bench.

The bench is steel framed with mahogany seating runners and should withstand the worst that Yorkshire’s weather can throw at it, but it didn’t come to The Shed like that.  The runners had all been removed and all that remained was a steel frame in not the best of condition.  However, the chaps managed to find the missing mahogany runners, also the worse for wear and get them into The Shed for refurbishment.

Chris Freeman, Shed Trustee said that it had been a long project and just about every member of The Shed has had a hand in the restoration, with Shed Leader, Eddie Moss leading the ongoing work.  Eddie’s comment was that this is what The Shed does really well; getting the members to take something off the scrap heap and turning it back into something for the community.

The bench is scheduled to be collected today, Friday 21st April and it will be officially presented tomorrow, Saturday.

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