Calderdale Community Grants Schemes

The Council runs two grants schemes for community organisations based in Calderdale.

The Community Small Grants scheme gives out one-off grants of up to £3,000 for voluntary and community sector projects that help achieve the Council’s ambition of making Calderdale a clean, safe, attractive and thriving area for people to live in, work in or visit.

The Community Festivals and Events Fund supports groups that are organising cultural events and festivals across Calderdale, with the aim to get more local people involved in the arts, and attract visitors to our towns and villages. A maximum award of £5,000 will be made to any individual Festival or Event.

There is also a specific pot of money within this fund for organisations that are proposing Festivals and Events following the Boxing Day floods. The aim is to celebrate all that’s great about Calderdale, sending out a clear message that it’s open for business. It is part of the Council’s continued work to help residents and businesses get back on their feet by boosting tourism, trade and morale

To be eligible to apply for any of these grants your organisation must:

  • Be a voluntary, community or faith group
  • Be properly constituted
  • Have a bank account in the name of the organisation
  • Be open and accessible to the community you serve
  • Have a planned approach to safeguarding issues, if you are working with children, young people and vulnerable adults

The closing date for complete applications for both funds is Tuesday 2nd of May 2017. 

For further details visit the Grants pages on Festivals and Events and the Small Grants Scheme or email

One thought on “Calderdale Community Grants Schemes

  1. Hi there, my name is Tammie Powell and I am the fundraising lead for the King Cross Junior Football Club situated on Hopwood lane Halifax. We currently have around 200 local kids playing for us. It’s amazing to see children from all ethnicities and backgrounds coming together, formulating friendships and building community bonds, all in the name of sport. It’s not just sport the children gain from attending our club, they get discipline, social skills and learn skills that will be used for the rest of their lives. They are keeping their bodies healthy and getting physical exercise. We provide coaching from all F.A. Level one coaches or above to children ranging from 4 to 16. All club officials are DBS checked and have undergone a safe guarding course to ensure all children are kept safe and free from harm. We are an affiliated club and a non profit making organisation with children’s sport at the forefront. This year in particular has been a very testing year financially. We have had our turf re laid and have not been able to play on our home ground. We have had to find alternative facilities which have come at a great cost to our club. It has cost over £1000 per month to play at Calderdale college. A grant really would help with the cost of new equipment and maintaining and improving facilities at the club. The kids really enjoy playing their sport and we enjoy providing them with the opportunities to do so. Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you from King Cross Junior Football Club.

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