#ITSOKAYTOTALK at Forest Cottage

ItsOktotalk2Are you a young person? Want to get something off your chest or go speak to like minded people in a non-judgmental environment?

The single biggest killer of Young Men aged under 45 is suicide. In 2014, 4623 men took their own life. 41% of men who contemplated suicide, felt they couldn’t talk about their feelings.

Project_Twelve:31 young people are supporting #ANDYSMANCLUB and want to tell other young men that #ITSOKAYTOTALK

ItsOktotalk.pngCome along to Forest Cottage, Cousin Lane Ovenden on Tuesday 11 April.

Luke Ambler from Andysman club will be at Forest Cottage to talk to young people about its the #IYSOKAYTOTALK campaign and the work that #ANDYSMANCLUB are doing to raise awareness of male suicide.

If you want to come along please contact Karen Scanlon on 01422 255402 or turn up at 4pm (side door).

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