The Phoenix Shed is doing great things for the community

Two projects recently completed by The Phoenix Shed, Halifax show that the chaps can turn their hands to most projects and help those in the local community.  If you are male and are over 55, then the Shed, based in The Threeways Centre, is a great place for you to go every Monday and Wednesday from 9.30am to 4pm.

More details from either Chris Freeman 07930 207537, or Eddie Moss 07481 543881

The Phoenix Shed Goes Batty for Dixon Scar

The Phoenix Shed Halifax has recently handed over the order for bat and bird boxes to The Friends of Dixon Scar. The order was for 16 bat boxes and 16 bird boxes, half of which are for future use and for storage reasons, had to be flat packed.  To further facilitate storage, the flat packed boxes were shrink wrapped.

Dave’s comment when he saw the boxes was, “My goodness, they’re posh.”  And they are too. Made in red pine that will withstand the elements, the boxes are all made from untreated timber.

Chris did much research before embarking on the project and that research turned up the fact that bat boxes must not be treated with chemicals, as they can be fatal for the bats, so the best red pine was chosen from a local wood yard.

The Phoenix Shed Gets on Their Bikes for Local Gym

When customers at the gym start to complain that the Spinning Bikes are getting very difficult to use, who does the Spinning Instructors turn to?  The Phoenix Shed of course.

Eddie Moss, Shed Leader and Trustee Chris Freeman spent a day at Queens Sports Club, Saville Park servicing the Spinning Bikes.  The guys downloaded the full service schedule from the Internet and worked strictly to that to ensure that nothing was missed.

At the first Spinning Class the customers all commented on how much nicer it was to have bikes that were smooth and easy to use.

Well done chaps!

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