Medal success for Threeways based North Halifax Taekwondo

Sunday 5 March 2017 saw 15 members of Threeways Sports Centre based North Halifax Taekwondo attend the Northern Taekwondo Championships, hosted by the Great Britain Taekwondo Federation, in Oldham.  During the competition, the club took 21 medals including 5 Golds, 8 Silvers and 7 Bronze.

This was the first time the G.B.T.F. has hosted such a prominent competition, and the first-time North Halifax Taekwondo, who is a member of the G.B.T.F. has sent fighters, however, the results were fantastic.

Instructor Neil Capper said – “ What a fantastic result for the students who competed in the competition.  Coming just a month after the grading, which put some fighters into new categories, and for them to still win medals is testament to the student’s determination and commitment.  This is something they should all be proud of.”

Amongst the medal winners this time were two adults, Nicola Blay and Stacey Rhodes.  Nicola won Gold in the individual Lightweight Adult Point Stop Sparing, and Silver in the individual Continuous Sparing categories, while Stacey Rhodes won Bronze in the Individual Patterns, Bronze in the Individual Patterns, Individual Heavy Weight Point Stop and Silver in the Individual Heavyweight Continuous categories.  With several of the adults unable to attend due to other commitments or injuries, the medal haul could have been higher.

Pictured Left to Right – Back Row: Sarah Duffin, Nicola Blay, Kallum Rhodes, Adam Hoyle-Capper, Stacey Rhodes, Neil Capper, Nik Lon, Franciszek Sienkiewicz, Jamie Beck, Armandus Zakaras, Olivia Avery-Sheil – Front Row: Chloe Rutherford, Shantelle Rhodes, Kianna Pearce, Reece Pearce, Bart Lon, Natasha Rhodes, Isaac Blay

In the Junior division, the medal take was led by Kallum Rhodes who took Gold in both Patterns and Red Belt Light Heavyweight Point Stop Sparing, and silver in the Continuous, closely followed by Adam Hoyle-Capper who took Silver in the Red Belt Middleweight Point Stop and Continuous categories.

Other medal winners included Nikodem Lon, Bronze in Boys, Middleweight Green Belt, Point Stop Sparing, Issac Blay, Bronze in both Boys, Red Belt, Middleweight, Point Stop and Continuous Sparing, Kianna Pearce, Gold in Girls Yellow Belt Pee Wee Point Stop Sparing, Shantelle Rhodes, Gold in Girls Red Belt, Light Heavy Weight Point Stop Sparing, and Bronze in Girls, Red Belt, Light Heavy Weight Continuous Sparing, Reece Pearce, Silver, Boys,  Lightweight Point Stop Sparing, Chloe Rutherford, Silver, Girls Yellow Belt patterns, and Bronze in girls Lightweight Point Stop Sparing, Armandus Zakaras, Boys, Yellow Belt Heavyweight Point Stop Sparing and Natasha Rhodes, silver, Red Belt Patterns Categories.

Just outside of the medals were Franciszek Sienkiewicz who finished 4th in the boys Yellow Belt, Light Middleweight Point Stop Sparing, Jamie Beck, 4th in the Boys Yellow Belt Middleweight Point Stop Sparing and Bart Lon, 4th Boys Green Belt, lightweight Point Stop Sparing.

Neil Capper said – “Both Jamie and Franciszek were both unlucky to finish just outside of the medals, both fighting in the semi-finals the eventual category winners.  As an instructor, I am just as proud of Jamie, Franciszek and Bart, if not more so, as I am of the medal winners.  There were some very tough fights for the fighters, yet every one of them stepped up to the mark and did themselves proud.

If I had to pick a fighter of the day from the club, it would have to be Isaac Blay.  Despite fighting the current reigning G.B.T.F. Red Belt Continuous sparing champion, he showed fantastic determination and pushed his opponent to the edge of his abilities, eventually losing by just one point.  This despite being rocked early on in the fight.  He picked himself up, and went back, pushing hard all the time, forcing his opponent onto the back foot and not letting him back in, showing the true meaning of one of the Tenents of Taekwondo, Perseverance, the ability to keep going despite the odds and barriers put up in front of him.”

In addition to the fighters, the club also sent along Neil Capper to referee and umpire along with Sarah Duffin and Olivia Avery-Sheil as officials.

For more information on North Halifax Taekwondo, contact Neil on 07530 874 386 or come along to a class on either a Monday, 6 till 7.30, Tuesday 6 till 7 or Wednesday, 5.30 till 7 then 7 till 8.30, at Threeways Sports centre, Nursery lane, Halifax, HX3 5SW.

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