Halifax celebrates Fairtrade Fortnight!

Halifax Minster opened its doors to 100 school children from across Halifax on Friday 10th March, to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight at a fairandfunky Fairtrade Conference.

The event is part of the campaign, spearheaded by Holly Lynch MP, to achieve Fairtrade Town status for Halifax;

Holly Lynch MP explained

“The campaign to make Halifax a Fairtrade town includes our schools. The conference is a great way to start conversations with our young people about Fairtrade and how we can give a helping hand, through trade rather than aid, to some of the world’s most vulnerable people.”

The conference brought together 12 primary schools from across Calderdale, to celebrate and learn about Fairtrade; it is a unique conference, combining Fairtrade and the arts, offering innovative learning for students. The 96 school children attending the event enjoyed a range of interactive workshops with leading practitioners Fair Grounds, Pockets Theatre, Tom Palmer and fairandfunky, using Fairtrade as a tool for learning, integrating with curriculum subjects such as drama, art and literacy.

The Conference will create a sense of belonging to a Fairtrade community across Halifax, bringing together children from a range of schools, creating new connections and friendships. Funding from The Community Foundation for Calderdale has created an opportunity for children from across Calderdale to learn about each other, discover citizenship learning and gain literacy skills, in a relaxed, creative environment.

The Community Foundation for Calderdale believe in thinking differently, and their grant aid is helping to eradicate inequality and provide fairer life chances to everyone in Calderdale, irrespective of race, gender, financial position or disability. They do this by annually conducting in-depth research across ten core themes; identifying areas of concern and prioritising them for funding. They work with individual donors and business supporters to fund meaningful, sustainable and vital change across Calderdale.

They award over £500,000 worth of grants each year locally. Grants range from £500 – £10,000 each. They support charitable organisations that can make a real and lasting difference in challenge inequality across all 17 Wards in Calderdale.

Empowering people of all backgrounds to take little steps to change the world is core to fairandfunky’s interactive and creative workshops on global themes to schools and community groups.

“We’re thrilled to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight in Halifax,” Helen Robinson, fairandfunky director told us, “the conference at Halifax Minster is a wonderful opportunity for Fairtrade to become alive and real to the children of Calderdale and inspire the next generation to make change.”

The conference also links local businesses with Fairtrade, welcoming Suma Wholefoods to present certificates at the event, “We strongly believe in Fairtrade at Suma and we’re keen to help spread the word so were delighted with the opportunity to support the fairandfunky conference and educate the young of Calderdale.” Nigel Kaye, Co-op member at Suma Wholefoods.

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