Police and Project_Twelve:31 engage with 69 Young People

Last weekend the Police invoked a Dispersal Order covering Lee Mount and most of the Ovenden area between Friday and Sunday following reports of Anti-Social Behaviour. The order gave the Police powers to deal positively with anyone behaving in an antisocial manner or causing residents to feel threatened.

In addition to this, local youth project (Project_Twelve:31) was also out and about on the night of Friday 3 March talking to young people in the area. The project spoke to 32 young people altogether.

Although no Dispersal Orders were issued over the weekend, the work of both the Police and Project_Twelve resulted in a combined total of 69 young people being engaged with.

Project_Twelve:31 conducted a survey with young people on the night to get their thoughts on activities for young people in the area. 13 had heard of Project_Twelve:31 and 9 said they had previously attended at least 1 session, but the most overwhelming response was “We just want somewhere dry to hang out”

In response to recent Ovenden ASB issues, Project_Twelve:31 will be out and about again tonight.

For more information on Project_Twelve:31 visit the Projects Facebook Page

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