Lee Mount Junior Wardens place bird feeders in Shroggs Park

On Wednesday 8 March Junior Wardens from Lee Mount Primary School built the remainder of their bird boxes with the help of PCSO Katie Leeman and PCSO Trevor Lovelock from West Yorkshire Police , CMBC Community Warden Ced Ockley and CMBC Paul Tetley.

Once the lesson in woodwork was over the Junior Wardens were taken around Shroggs Park where they hung up the bird feeders they had made previously.

The project was sponsored by the Police Mutual Funds which has allowed the Junior Wardens to have a valuable input to contribute to bird conservation by creating a safe place for the North Halifax Wildlife and to encourage everyone to put up nest boxes in their local area in order to promote and enhance biodiversity and conservation of our breeding birds and wildlife.

Next time you are in Shroggs park having an afternoon stroll or walking the dog, be sure to keep a look out for the bird feeders and nest boxes.


One thought on “Lee Mount Junior Wardens place bird feeders in Shroggs Park

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