The Bird and Bat Box Project at The Phoenix Shed

All Bird Boxes and Bat Boxes are made from untreated high quality well seasoned Red Pinewood and this top quality timber ensures that the boxes will last for many, many years.

–    The Bird Boxes, based on an RSPB pattern, are also very easy to clean using the unique       Phoenix Shed design. Boxes can be supplied for a wide variety of birds.

–    Owl Boxes are a special order and will be made from highest quality exterior grade                20mm plywood with a timber back frame.

–     Bat Boxes are self cleansing and cater for the different species of local bats.  The boxes         are fully untreated and must never be treated because bats are incredibly sensitive to           paints.  They are made to a well proven English pattern and the top quality timber                 ensures that they will last for many, many years.

Free local delivery within 3 miles of The Shed or collect from The Shed at The Threeways Centre, Ovenden. Bird and Bat Boxes can be supplied fully made up, or as flat packs for home construction.

The boxes are perfect for schools or youth groups and the Phoenix Shed may even be able to supply a Box Maker to assist with youth projects.

All enquiries to Chris Freeman on 07930 207537

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