Recycling Team Visit St. Michael and All Angels Junior Wardens

20170116_135411Calderdale Council’s’ Recycling Team Adviser, Chris Crossley, visited St. Michael and All Angels CE Primary School Junior Wardens on Monday 16 January to explain the importance of recycling and the negative effect it can have on our environment and wildlife if we fail to do so.

In the session organised by Heather Stout, Ovenden Initiative, Chris showed the junior wardens the kind of things they can recycle. There was a good discussion about recycling other things from home and how a lot of containers can be reused around the house.

She also explained that all councils now have targets to meet and that Calderdale no longer sends any rubbish to go to landfill.

The session included a brief history lesson on how some of our ideas for how we recycle today came about during World War 2. Chris also showed the Junior Wardens some examples of items that are made from recycled waste.

Most of the Junior Wardens said that their households recycle, and those that don’t promised to ask their mums and dads to make more of an effort. They were also asked to think about what they threw away when they were in school or playing out.


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