Brand New Girl’s Group Launches with Pizza and Hot Chocolate

young-people-with-mp-holly-lynchThursday 12 January saw the successful launch of the brand new Project_Twelve:31 Girls Group at Forest Cottage in Ovenden. 20 girls and a variety of partners of the project braved the cold to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and a slice of pizza whilst talking together about some of the activities that will be on offer.

partnersOver the coming 50 weeks these ‘girls only’ sessions will include educational and confidence building activities will address issues relating to anger management, relationships, legal rights, responsibilities, risks associated with drugs and alcohol and healthy living and diet.

Sessions will be structured in a way to allow the young women to have fun and let off steam in a positive way including  physical and sporting activities that build confidence, strength and fitness.

Danielle, a parent whose daughter signed up to on the night, said

“What a fantastic variety of activities – I’m really looking forward to my girls starting the programme. I wish I could join Girl’s Group!”

Karen Scanlon, Ovenden Initiative, said

“I think there are so many pressures on young people these days, especially girls who are expected to do well at school, manage friendships on social media whilst at the same time being bombarded with unrealistic images of females in the media. This bespoke Project_Twelve:31 programme aims to build positively on a the girl’s personality and existing strengths, and to support her to flourish as a strong and confident individual”

If you missed the launch, it’s not too late to join us…. The first session is on Thursday 19 January from 6pm to 9pm at Forest Cottage, Ovenden and is open to any girl aged 12+.

For more information about the programme please call Karen on 07434 702896 or email

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