MP’s ask Mixenden youths about integration

DSC00093Heather Stout from the Mixenden Initiative arranged for Halifax MP Holly Lynch and the MP for Streatham, Chuka Umunna, to visit Mixenden Activity Centre, where they talked to a group of local young people about their thoughts on integration.

Chuka Umanna is making it his business to find out why the electorate voted to leave the EU, and he was particularly interested in what young people feel about the situation.

Chuka and Holly sat and talked to the youths at the Mixenden Activity Centre for an hour and asked them for their honest opinions on integration, leaving the EU and what they liked about living in Mixenden.

IMG-20160823-WA0002They weren’t left disappointed, as the young people spoke honestly and from the heart on the topic at hand before the MP’s had a tour of Calderdale’s Premier Outdoor Activity Centre.

MP Holly Lynch is a regular visitor to Mixenden Activity Centre and was very proud to show her colleague around who was very impressed with the centre, commenting that he wished his constituency had such fantastic facilities.

To find out more about the centre and some of the fantastic things to do there visit

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