Todmorden 20mph Engagement Work

The Engagement Champions project is working in partnership with Calderdale Council to undertake a survey with local residents to determine their experiences and opinions of travel in the local area.

The method of engagement will be a series of door to door interviews to be conducted following the introduction of the new 20mph speed limit to determine resident’s views since its implementation.

This work will be paid at a rate of £7.50 for each completed survey.  Payment is made to your chosen local community organisation or charity.

The work MUST be carried out between Monday 1 August and Wednesday 7 September 2016 and will involve weekend and evening work.

To take part in this work you must be a trained Engagement Champion and attend a briefing session. 

We can also offer training for newly interested people which will run back to back with a briefing session as listed below.

If you do not attend the training or the briefing event then you cannot take part in this work.

Please ensure you attend one of the following sessions:

Date: 28th July 2016  Venue: Todmorden Health Centre
Training for newly interested:  2.30-4 pm or 6.30-8 pm
Briefing session only (existing Engagement Champions): 4-5 pm or 5.30-6.30 pm

Therefore, if you are newly interested you will need to attend 2.30-5 pm or 6.30-8pm

If you are interested in this Engagement task, please contact Megan on 01422 431094 or email

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