National day of Memory for Victims of Honour Killings

Honour-based violence incidents are acts committed to defend the supposed honour or reputation of a family and community.

This week would have been the 30th birthday of Shafilea Ahmed, who was killed by her parents when she was 17 after suffering years of “honour-based” violence and the National Day of Memory for Victims of Honour Killings takes place annually on 14 July in remembrance of Shafilea.

Jasvinder Sanghera, CEO of Karma Nirvana, a charity which supports victims of honour crimes and forced marriages, said:

“We are going to be honouring the memories of the most honourable human beings where the perpetrators tried to erase them completely. It’s also an opportunity to raise awareness about the issue of honour based abuse and the scale of the problem in Britain.”

If you know someone is at immediate risk call the Police on 999. For non- emergencies call West Yorkshire Police Safeguarding Unit on 01422 337041.

For advice and support contact Calderdale StayingSafe on 01422 323339 or Calderdale Multi-Agency Safeguarding Team (MAST) supports anyone concerned about a child or young person at risk. Tel. 01422 393336 or email:

Karma Nirvana will listen in complete confidence and offer support. It doesn’t matter how old you are, male or female. Tel: 0800 5999247

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